Project Description

These days quality Laminate flooring is able to imitate just about every type of hardwood going and whatsmore, it looks just like real hardwood . . . but doesn't cost as much and is easier to install! As a result, laminate flooring installations have proven to be an extremely popular flooring product with UK3Floor Domestic and Commercial customers.

About This Project

Over the 10 years or so that UK3Floor has been in operation, we’ve been pleased to have completed hundreds of successful vinyl laminate projects.   And over those years we’ve never ceased to be amazed at the breathtaking new developments in the quality of laminate flooring that we’re able to acquire for our customers.  Along the way it has become a popular and very affordable way to transform any home or office refurbishment project.  Although we can’t show you every installation we’ve ever completed, we’ve selected a few examples of our most recent installations to showcase some of our work.